Shi Tou, 'Two MIng Mings', phoograph, 2007

Book Launch: Contemporary Queer Chinese Art by Dr Hongwei Bao

16:00 - 18:00
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Join Dr Hongwei Bao at esea contemporary for the launch of his latest publication 'Contemporary Queer Chinese Art'.

'Contemporary Queer Chinese Art' (Bloomsbury Publishing) is the first English-language academic book that explores the intersections of queer culture and contemporary Chinese art from the mid-1980s to the present. This book brings together 15 internationally renowned artists, activists, curators and scholars to explore heterogeneous expressions of Chineseness and queerness in contemporary art from China and Chinese diasporas in Asia, Europe and North America.

Examining contemporary visual art, performance and activism, this book offers a rich archive of queer Chinese artistic expressions. It provides valuable insights into the status quo and intersectional struggles of Chinese artists who identify themselves as queer and who have associated their work with queer positionalities and perspectives. By sharing personal experiences, art expressions and critical insights about what it means to be queer and Chinese in a transnational context, the book reveals multiple forms and potentialities of queer politics in the domains of art and activism.

Dr Hongwei Bao will be joined on site with Burong Zeng, artist contributor of 'Contemporary Queer Chinese Art' to discuss the publication and relevant themes.

Wei Yimu, Rainbow Flowers , acrylic paint, water - colour pigments and colour pencils on paper, 29 x 40.3 cm. c.2019. Courtesy of Wei Yimu.
Xiyadie, Pleasure , water - based dye and Chinese pigments on Xuan paper, 26 x 26 cm, c. 2016. Courtesy of Xiyadie.
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Following Dr Bao Hongwei's talk there will be a Manchester Pride Weekend Special Screening of Drag Up! directed by Qianlin Wang (documentary, 52' 24", UK, 2023).

About Drag Up! In June 2023, seven young, queer, and Chinese-identified people signed up for a performance art project in East London. In this month-long community art project, they would learn about what is drag and how to perform it, discover their queer Chinese heritage, and explore ways to de-westernise and decolonise drag. The training was hard but also fun. Most nerve-wracking of all, they would put on a live show in front of an audience. On a roller-coaster journey of self-discovery, they would find out about what their identity, community and politics means to drag.

This documentary is part of the Drag Up! Community Art Project supported by Queer China UK and the University of Nottingham.

Following the screening there will be a Q&A with Producer Hongwei Bao, Project Co-director Felicia Jiang, and filmmaker Qianlin Wang.

Dr Hongwei Bao
Felicia Jiang
Qianlin Wang
Burong Zeng
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