Colours and Corks: Wine tasting re-imagined

Colour & Corks: A Special Wine Tasting Workshop celebrating ESEA Heritage Month

18:00 - 20:00
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Join us for a unique wine experience led by wine writer Kelly Liang. During the workshop, Kelly will guide us through a selection of wines from China, France, and Japan, providing insights into the world of wine vessels and their significance in storytelling, culture, and identity. This event is a part of ESEA Heritage Month, where we come together to celebrate the achievements of winemakers from East and Southeast Asian backgrounds.

In this workshop series, titled 'Colour & Corks: Wine Tasting Reimagined,' we aim to foster an inclusive, interactive, and thought-provoking environment where participants can explore the intricate connections between people, identities, and cultures through the lens of wine.

Together, we will not just taste wine as a mere commodity but appreciate it as an art form and craft, infused with passion and dedication. We will explore winemakers, growers, grape varieties, and styles from various corners of the world. Whether you're a complete novice or an expert collector, this workshop promises to deliver something new and exciting for everyone.

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This month as part of ESEA Heritage Month, we will celebrate winemakers of East and Southeast Asian origins.

Kelly will invite guests to sample five wines from around the world selected for the workshop in line with the ESEA heritage month theme of 'Roots & Routes'. Kelly will encourage guests to consider wine as vessels for story, culture and identity through an expressive wines from China, France, and Japan:

  • A sparkling English rose with an unexpected connection
  • An innovative amber from the indigenous Japanese grape, Koshu
  • A silky ruby that captures the emerging essence of Chinese wine
  • A classic Bordeaux, the vision of a bold challenger from Hiroshima
  • And, a liquid gold born in the chill of Siberian snow

This is a ticketed event designed to stimulate thoughts and conversations among a small group of attendees. All proceeds will support esea contemporary's mission of promoting diversity and progress in the art world. We thank Vin Trails, Hattingley Valley Winery, and Wine Peek for their generous support.

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