Online Talk: Craft as a Transcultural Practice, Han Mengyun in conversation

September 22, 2022
13:30 - 14:30

During her residency at CFCCA, Han will further her research into the tradition of woodblock printing, a technique which purportedly originated in China and later developed in India. Her recent work investigates craft as a vehicle for cultural exchange, paying particular attention to the “little” traditions typically neglected in Chinese art history, as well as the ways in which craft connects to her own practice as an artist working across multiple mediums, including painting and installation. Our guest speakers will share original research on the topic of craft, ranging from the historical use of ornamentation in illustrated manuscripts to the legacy of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement.

Speaker: Vivek Gupta
Speaker: Roisin Inglesby
Artist in Residence: Han Mengyun
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This online event will begin with a talk by the artist, followed by speaker presentations and a roundtable discussion before ending with an interactive Q&A.

Han Mengyun
Roisin Inglesby
Vivek Gupta
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